Top 3 in the UAE: Breakfast Picks

When I’m not eating, I’m thinking about eating. My mother’s nickname for me growing up was Rolly- she was referring to the puppy from 101 Dalmatians who constantly responded with “But Mother I’m hungry!” I feel ya pup! I was and will always be ready to try a new dish or restaurant. In fact, when we travel the first thing I do is research what and where to eat- then I plan our days around that. It’s like ok we are in Paris we’re at the Louvre this is amazing…butttt the main event is when I get to go nosh on some sweet street tacos afterwards! Jump up and down excited! 💃🏼 So it’s no secret that the first thing I did when we moved to Abu Dhabi was research the food. We have definitely found some amazing places. Strangely enough, I live right above my favorite restaurant. Was this planned? No. Is it destiny? I’m sure of it. I have quite a few favorites- so I will start with breakfasts today. We are not huge into the big brunches that are such a part of the expat weekend culture over here. Surprisingly, I get overwhelmed by them and the plethora of food choices, and don’t feel like being obligated to drink my face off to feel comfortable with paying the high brunch package prices. I’m not opposed to them, and have really enjoyed the ones I’ve been to, but it’s not an every weekend thing for my husband and I. A simple one plate of a delicious breakfast and an amazing coffee are more our speed. So here are a few weekend breakfast faves of ours:

1. Nolu’s (Abu Dhabi)

The breakfast menu has a wide spectrum of options. Pictured here is my fave- the Avocado on Chai toast with almonds and sprouts. This and the chia pudding are great light bites. If you’re feeling famished, they have more filling options such as the Breakfast Burrito, Juevos Rancheros, or the Eggs Benedict. They even have vegan options such as the tofu scramble. The drink menu is jam-packed with nourishing and refreshing selections- there is an extensive coffee, juice, smoothie, mocktail, and tea selection. I am currently obsessed with the fizzy ginger mocktail! #canibuythisbythegallon?

2. The Paper Fig (Sharjah)

The Paper Fig has my heart❤️ Even though it’s over an hour away we often stop here on our way to a hike out in Showka. We are always greeted with hugs from the staff when we walk through the door. As we are usually the only Americans in the place, we stick out a little bit. The Paper Fig is the sparkling oasis in the Muwaileh area of Sharjah.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with the Shakshouka here. It’s served in a cast iron skillet with two perfectly poached eggs floating in a rich feta tomato sauce. On the side a crusty sliced baguette for sopping up all the goodness. Heaven! The coffee is phenomenal- and served with the best little cream puff in the world. I would eat a whole plate of just those if it were possible, but sadly they are only served with a cup of coffee. Other amazing dishes: Avocado and Beetroot toast, Mushroom and Ricotta toast, and the grilled cheese (trust me). Paper Fig is also known for their beautiful desserts, which we rarely have room for after breakfast. The attention to detail in the graphic design, decor, and food presentation show the care put into making the experience memorable.

3. The Lime Tree Cafe (Dubai)

With multiple locations around Dubai, there are plenty of Lime Trees to choose from. All serve up the same high quality organic foods and beverages. There are plenty of healthy choices. I always opt for the Veggie Brekkie (Australian owned- so they get to use their own lingo) served with eggs, mushrooms, hash brown, and grilled tomatoes with a French press coffee. They also offer Shakshouka, a Mediterranean brekkie, and have an entire boulangerie menu of baked breads and goods. They have a provisions shop inside the restaurant as well that sells their products, kitchenware, and cookbooks. It’s definitely worth a fun stroll through, after breakfast.

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